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Good advice.

It is worth knowing how materials work, but it is certainly secondary.

If knowing how it worked was the key then the chemists at Kodak and Ilford would be the world's best photographers.
I humbally disagree. I won't argue that at the end of the day we use our eyes and our intuition to determine what we want to convey, but why would we dismiss something that can give us some insight into what we do? This little exercise taught me something that I would not have picked up on as easily without some quantitative data. If running some tests to understand the difference between exposure and development a bit better, why would I not take advantage of that. I think that both can live in harmony with each other. Your last quote about Kodak and Ilford engineers could be re-written... Knowing how it works allows Kodak and Ilford engineers to give us some of the best materials in the world for us to convey our vision. Don't confuse knowing technically how photography works with artistic vision and intuition. Both have their place.