Paypal or money order, shipping from 92116 San Diego, CA. If you aren't nice it'll ship from 22025 Tijuana MEX.

Front element has light haze so contrast will be somewhat low compared to average. Aperture moves freely, with no detents as usual for this lens. It's from 1958, I think. I've shot some film with it, but haven't developed those rolls yet, so I'm not sure if it is calibrated to Soviet standards or not. I got it from a dealer at the San Diego Camera Show about 6 months ago (huge back log of film). Rear element is clean/clear.

I shot some macros with it held in front of my non-film camera and sharpness was good. I polished up the barrel a bit, but it's still definitely user condition.

$45 shipped CONUS. Inquire if worldwide. Trade for 4x5 film, instant film.