I will add my 2cents (and first post on this forum) for those of us who live in Zambia aka Australia.

I've just purchased a 5 liter Rollei kit from Macodata and had it shipped to Australia. The shipping can be quiet expensive, since they charge at 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and higher steps.
The 5 liter kit was 5kg and I had to buy lots of film to pad it out and make it worth the price. The good thing is, they have quiet cheap buil Rollei and Fomapan film.
Not to mention I got the last 20 rolls of e100vs film they had.

Since they are in Germany, the prices include VAT, but when you create an account and your country is outside of EU, it will atuomatically subtract the 18% or something similar of the prices. Making everything cheaper.

The Rollei kit is here:

And Fuji Xpress kit is here:

I'm not sure if it's worth importing to USA, but it's worth taking a look if you are after this specific kits, since they seem to be discontinued in USA.
The shipping prices are on this page: http://www.macodirect.de/cms.php?cID=1