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Hi all,

Just yesterday, I noticed that the last two rolls of Tri-X I shot had slightly different labelling.

Both rolls developed just fine, I was just curious as to whether there was any difference in the film inside.

Just to muddy the water a bit: When developing, before I shove the usual things into the changing bag, I cut the tongue off the film leader. I always use the same sissors. Always. The darkroom is always within a few degrees either side of 68. Yet sometimes the cutting action feels different when the scissors cut through the tongue. It even sounds a bit different; a bit, I don't know, crisper. Like there has been a change in the plastic of the base. I have three distinct batch purchases of Tri-X in the freezer but I don't use it in any particular order; I just grab a handful and drop it in the Domke, so that might explain my hearing this difference randomly. But I'm not imagining it.