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My point was not to compare the cost of 35/120 against 4x5 but to compate the cost of color to black and white in the same format. The roll film costs per frame are fairly flat but the costs per frame in sheet film spike way up for color.

Basically, if a roll of T-max costs $8 and a roll of Porta costs $9, why does a sheet of T-max cost $2.50 but a sheet of Porta costs $5 which is twice as much?

Hmm. I'm wondering where that $8 (!!) for a roll of T-Max (135/36) figure is coming from. We're talking about US Dollars, so the Australian dollar would be around that, but not what I can see. Prices do vary considerably.

Have you noticed that some colour film stock, Fuji among, has gone up since the beginning of this year? What else has??
T-Max 100 135/36 only $5.95 where I get it. And Portra $5.35/ 4x5 sheet (which I do not use). It might be down to a lack of competition at a retail level.