Hello everyone, my name is Tim Chong. I have been lurking here for a few weeks but for the most part, I have been researching on medium format cameras before purchasing a Hasselblad 501c on eBay. A little about me: I started photography in 2000 using a camera that use Advantix film rolls before transitioning to digital camera. For the next 4-5 years, I was an hobbyist at best. I usually like to let my photography speak for itself, but I can honestly say that my skill has improved gradually over a period of 12 years. I have been a second shooter at weddings for my professional photographer friends, learned about flash photography, and do some landscape photography--I am dabbling here and there but I know I cannot specialize at everything. I am still not in the photography business nor do I have the desire to be in one.

I recently came to the realization that I needed to put more effort in interacting with my portrait subjects. So, I decided that the sensible thing for me would be start using a medium format camera that has no autofocus, no internal metering system, and no electronic circuit. I will still use dSLR's but my primary focus right now is on film photography.

I am attaching two photos taken with the Hasselblad. They were developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab. The portrait of my dog was taken with New Portra 160, while the other was with the 400. I look forward to interacting with you all.