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I believe that the 1c came with the same ANR "filter" that fits over the condensor, AND a brass ring that had to be installed inside the condenseor housing. The brass ring raises the condensor the exact depth of the ANR "filter." ... I installed the brass ring in my Valoy II, but I wasn't sure I needed it because the condensor is seated under a spring inside the housing. The spring flexes enough to take up the difference of the ANR attachment / filter thing.

Hopefully that's somewhat clearer than mud. I will try to message you the Valoy II manual.
No worries, it is very clear and anyway, I know exactly what you are talking about I sent you my email.

What you describe makes sense. The Focomats 1C indeed have this brass ring, I think it is 3mm thick. Come to think of it, sometimes I have found this ring but much thinner in 1C's. More like half a millimeter. Now I wonder if this one was meant for the NEWOO brass part? I have the feeling the AN ring came into production when Leitz made the 1C. With the 1C is is much easier to install the brass ring than with the Valoy. Of course the 1C and the Valoy II were overlapping in production . . . I wonder until when the Valoy II was made?