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I have now read 3 Kodak versions, test wet, dry and not specified. So, I guess it does not matter. I get a rather dense test when there is retained silver. So, if there is no color and no precipitate in your test solution it should be good. As noted, it is Silver Nitrate in Acetic Acid. That is all. Little there to spoil unless it was exposed to heavy light.
Conducted a few more test, but under broad fluorescent light.

I was then able to see that there is in fact a few small cristals or "sand grains" on the bottom of the bottle. Does it mean that I have to discard it ?

However, with a more generous lighting, I got quickly non-ambiguous stains on the Adox Classic paper I tested. The next stage is to test this way, quickly washed and archival washed print, side to side, to see if there is a significant difference.

Where I am still puzzled, is that I cannot get any significant stains on the Forte Fortezo paper, whatever lighing I use, and even if I let the HT2 drop more than 15 minutes.

So, another question I have, maybe a dumb one, is : if the fact that the Forte Fortezo is stated to be a "chloro-bromide" paper can affect the Hypo Estimator testing ???