I am glad that you still have a bit of respect for me, I hope the following dosen't chill that. The following is directed to darkroom workers who are interested
in printmaking and plan to use silver and alt materials with the goal of achieving permanent colour and black and white prints.

I have always found( the no digital talk) aspect of APUG to be its achilles heel to this Forum. Much of our new work involves a digital component that involves a laser beam of light driven by a computer. To me its the same as a tungsten flood of light driven by a electronic timer. Both end up on silver halide paper and both get processed in a darkroom.
Today the gallery is full of images that a scanner is used to digitize info to put in the gallerys here which I find to be a hypocritical bending of the rules to keep this site interesting for some.
I just think the most exciting and possibly interesting new workflow with most potential to Defend the Darkroom should be embraced here. Please consider I am coming up to 9 years on this site with many , friends and connections through discussions here and I do not plan to leave, so this topic will be brought up by me over time , that I can assure you of.

The reason I like APUG is the contributions of many here , when one follows certain forums, over the years titbids of info pop up that answer questions that an old dog like myself never knew. I am not in competition to have the most posts here as I only have the darkroom forum open , and also am very open about my failings when it comes to chemistry and physics.
Ron M, Gerold K , Ian G, Ralph L have been a huge source of information to my layman understanding of chemistry/Physics.
I even try to follow the questions Micheal R is putting forth to Stephen B and Bill B , though I must admit my brain neutrons do shut off pretty fast.
There are many more here who I am not mentioning but I appreciate the diversity and knowledge that is at my finger tips , so to speak.

I think discussions of separation negative to alt print and silver is totally left out and is a primary area of my interest and beta testing and therefore you will note my constant frustration about its lack of discussion here... This will not change for me btw , I only hope there comes a time where this silly rule is changed and the powers that be see my way of thinking and comply.

I know Sean and John eyes are rolling right now, and the moderators are heating up the arrows to fling at me but folks lets get realistic.

Of the 50 thousand members here , how many do you really think actually give a rats ass about the darkroom.
My bet is there is under a 1000 hard core darkroom printers here on this site who care. I am one of them and I know the direction darkroom work is going in the next 20 years and believe me there is a small digital device driving most of the current trends and its discussion is critical as workers with working darkrooms are embracing new ways of making archival prints .


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Now Bob, I have always had a lot of respect for your contributions but this is a little over the top.

At the top of every APUG page is a link to the forum where all this can be discussed. Those who care can go there. I personally lost most of my interest in high tech darkroom/graphic arts work long before there were digital cameras. All digitizing work was done with high speed drum scanners. Separation printing was fun but really, this is a group of people who still adore printing the old analog way.
As far as pre-mounting paper on aluminum? Just to keep the FB paper flat? What happened to a drymount press with your dried prints in between acid free Arches or the like? I have prints 35 years later just as flat as the day I flattened them Oh yeah, and not stained because the one thing they did teach up in Photography school was archival processing.

It is good to see there are some people still with cool jobs in galleries, museums, etc that get to play with neat stuff that yes, transcends the analog digital boundary.

Take care,
tim in san jose