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You may find answers by contacting your Leica Netherlands. I contacted Leica USA a few years ago and was informed that they did not support the Valoy II, but they sent me the manual I just sent you. Given your proximity to Germany, it's possible that you might obtain specs for that brass ring if that's what you need.
Yes, this I will try.

Contrary to what I told you in my pm email, you were right about the anti-newton ring fitting the Valoy II. When I tried before it was difficult to get it onto the 'frosted' condensor version Valoy II. Makes sense, right! But when I tried it just now with the "clear" condensor version Valoy it went on easily. There was the problem that the ring is too thick causing the head to tilt slightly backward, but after installing the 3mm brass ring from a 1C condensor, it works fine !! So that part of this question was solved.

Thanks Pstake !

Remains the initial question wanting to print without AN glass, and without Newton rings. I made a test using 1mm carton. Made the holes for the pins of the negative holder and cut out the rectangular 24X36 plus a tiny bit more. All rather easy. Now I am trying to find some tougher material than carton . . . pictures enclosed - obviously the final one will be black . . .