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If you want to make very large prints like this you need something else. The film may help, but the sacrifices in tonality are not worth it IMHO though they may be to you. My suggestion would be large format but I realize it isn't for everyone. I enjoy working with 4x5 but it can be trying at the best of times and not by any means suited for all subjects. It would probably be great for the example you posted, though.
I've considered large format but I've been using my current gear for the last 20 years and it has become second nature. I also travel a lot by bike and need something relatively portable. And sheet film... no thanks With proper technique 40" prints can look really good, especially when drum scanned and printed on a high end inkjet.

@Michael - if you're in town over the weekend check out Mimmo Jodice's "Sublime Cities" at the McCord museum (this is the last weekend of the exhibit).