Put in what I thought was a silly bid <50 for a Retina IIIC (big C) and won it! came today, and it's very, very tidy. Almost unmarked cosmetically, snappy shutter on all speeds, unmarked glass, and everything working including the meter. I've whipped the front off the shutter and carefully added a microscopic amount of lube to the pivots (which helped my IIc no end), lightly greased the rack and helical, and it's all pretty smooth. OK, so it's GAS! but I'm very pleased. A companion for my IIc.

It's nice enough that I might eventually even send it away to Chris Sherlock for a proper CLA (he had my IIIS for re-stringing a year or so back)

I really like the folding Retina's- they are a practical pocket camera (if a little heavy)

Retina IIIC.jpg