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I have have had prints mounted with BufferMount release in their frames when direct sunlight hits the glazing and heats up the air trapped between it and the print.
If you're hanging glazed prints in direct sunlight, the mounting tissue releasing is the least of your worries.

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BufferMount cannot be claimed to be "archival" if it fails to secure the print.
I certainly can't speak to your specific problem, but I've used this product for many years and on literally hundreds of prints. Never once has there been a problem when this product is used correctly. And as far as it being removable, I've had several instances where people have damaged the mounting board and the print has been saved by removing it and remounting. Had I used Colormount, it would not have been possible.

Edit** I just noticed this thread pertains to dry mounting of RC prints. There is nothing archival about RC prints, so the point is mute.**