Keep in mind this is just my opinion and its meant to be helpful.

No one can really give you the answer, the answer must come from inside. The problem is you don't trust your intuition.
If your work does not come from your own intuition then the work isn't honest, if the work isn't honest its basically meaningless.
I believe you might live in a place that is not the right place for you, if your work is important, move.
Stop striving for universal appeal, honest work will find its audience, even if small they will be loyal.
Stop thinking about it, don't look for answers in the work of others, don't look at their work period until you start to find
your own way. Put away the camera for a while and just look, look with your intuition, just experience your surroundings. Try this for a while, you will know when its time to photograph again. Good Luck!