Hi Collleagues,

Could anyone suggest which available film to use to continue a long-term project to produce large, framed photographic work to decorate my own home and office. I have material from my photographic "career" already but now want to continue learning and creating images. I've put 16 x 12 in the subject line but this would be a minimum.

I can't make roll film fit my "practice", I'm sad to say. MEANING to go out taking pictures has been my failing, using Rollei, Minox and Voightlander RF has reintroduced me to the the art. I now carry one or other every day.

Don't get me wrong, I covet the roll film folding cameras out there but really, really I must spend more cash and brains on FILM not more equipment...

My subjects are urban landscapes and interiors, usually with people in shot. People pictures per se I prefer to shoot mono. Light conditions can be poor buit I understand the need for camera supports to get sharp images.

Any tips would be appreciated, I'd prefer to standardise on one film or maybe a slow and fast film(if possible). I'm 53 now and really haven't got the time / energy / intelegence to learn a suite of techniques.

Thanks in anticipation, I need to buy film and get shooting!