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How does your processing method compare to what is given for the site listed above. If your negatives are more contrasty then perhaps you should reduce developer time a bit.
I completely agree with the point I think you are trying to make, namely that if I were to do more testing, I could gain negatives more to my liking. However, I find D-76 produces better negatives for my particular workflow - this is not to say I think HC-110 is not a good developer, I just find for 400TX, that D-76 is a better developer. Now, maybe it is my water supply, maybe it is my agitation cycle or maybe it is my method of metering but it works for me.

Note this is even contained within the link:

Compared to D-76, this chart indicates that HC-110 (dilution B) produces:

Slightly less shadow detail or true film speed;
Slightly finer grain;
Slightly lower acutance.

Where HC-110 really shines is in scientific work or push-processing, where film is deliberately overdeveloped to increase contrast and speed.
For me, shadow detail and acutance are more important than grain, when I am shooting Tri-X. If I need finer grain, I switch to FP4+.