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Prices are certainly up, but not 50%. I think I paid about 265 for my analyser pro a year or so ago, and they are now 330. OK, still a hefty price rise, but at least this superb kit is still available. My guess is that the products were being manufactured on a "semi-hobby" basis with low overheads, and now they have to stand on their own as commercial products. That means all costs have to be covered plus a reasonable margin. No-one can criticise anyone for retiring, and full marks to SDS for taking the range on board.
What you are saying makes sense but I still think the increase is going too far. SDS even state on their homepage how they have low overheads etc My rant is in no way aimed at the original owners of RH, excellent people to deal with.

The Stopclock pro is listed at 200.00 here


Now it's around 300.00 so that makes it a 50% increase by my calculations.