I enjoy a bit of B&W neg. film work in the landscape context, but I have never been a fan of colour negative film.

Provia for benign grab shots because of its more forgiving contrast and softer palette. This would be especially suitable for the urban landscapes you speak of, where people might be involved and a less alien skin tone is desirable.

Velvia 50 or its more sensitive 100 stablemate deliver in aces and spades, but you must be on its wavelength: it is not a film to be exposed willy-nilly: overacast to soft hazy light is best (pre-light in the morning and evening afterglow, especially, can be magnificent), in enclosed (e.g. forested) areas, a polariser will cut spectrals and provide a stellar image. Expose very carefully, especially in 35mm where a lot of contrast is compressed into a small frame — quite a bit easier in MF/LF manually metered. In any case, an enlargement (hybridised?) of the size you stated may be too big for 35mm, showing up inherent deficiencies in the format (grain, softness).

Yes, equipment is the least of your concern; it's required of course, but need not be flash; first priority is to go out and get a few films of interest as suggested in this thread, run them through on your chosen subjects and decide what fits what, and when (we can't decide that for you!). And take notes as you go along (especially useful when coming to grips with Velvia). Even at 53 (a year older than me), you're never too old a dog to be taught new tricks!!