I have found a shop in Germany that has the Agfa Aviphot 200 Chrome film for sale in 100' rolls that they apparently have purchased directly from Agfa Belgium and have packaged the film for sale.

I have sent an email to service@wittner-cinetec.com to inquire on the film's freshness and whether or not the film they sell is "Yellow".

I am thinking the Rollei branded CR-200 film is old, and has been frozen and thawed out too many times, all the while the vendors that sell this film sit there and say nothing is wrong with the film! Agfa's own literature says the film is NEUTRAL color balanced, balanced for 5500K.

I will see what http://www.wittner-cinetec.com/home.php people have to say about the slide film they package and sell.

Let's see what happens! This is totally a load of Garbage that Rollei would knowingly sell this film in its screwed up form! There are just way too many reports on the internet of this film sold by Rollei being "Yellow"!

Just why in the Hell should we photographers sit there in denial about a screwed up film being sold as being "Normal"!

Look at the Agfa PDF about this film! It says NEUTRAL color rendering, 5500K color balance!

Stand up and be counted! there is no excuse to be selling screwed up film!