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Well, it's more like I happened upon what I thought was a good deal, but in reality doesn't appear to be so much of a deal now. I have a Yashica Mat 124, and while it's good, and shoots really sharp images, I've also wanted to own an authentic Rollei TLR. It certainly doesn't look like it will be too hard to fulfill that goal down the road though.
I have owned both and I can't say the Rollei was so much better that the price was justified in image quality.......after all how good is good? BUT the mystique that is something else altogether. Liecas have the same mystique mojo BTW. There is just something about the way it feels in your hand etc. But now that I am old enough to be immune to GAS I would have a very difficult time paying that price for any camera. I will however go out of my way to get a good German lens, as I prefer their look in Black and White.