Formally colour shifts can be best recognized on a light table. Especially if you compare the questionable film strip with others, well developed films. What scanner / scanner software are doing with films depends on their “targets” an is a different story.

The benefit of projecting is, that the human eye does permanent a kind of automatic white balance anyway. That’s why I asked weather projected or not. A slight colour shift will be corrected automatically, in opposite to an colour crossover…

Again I would say your slides will project marvellous, especially the fourth which have a nice combination of perspective and stunning sky. This really looks like you had fun taking that picture, and this way it should be. Don’t be to picky with minor colour shifts, “unnatural” shifts really look a lot different. Have a eye on the Jobo E6 manual, (or try a complete homebrew of chemicals). Than you may see some significant shifts and crossovers

Regards Stefan