I have two Tourists (I and II) in front of me now. Neither has a range finder (I don't think Kodak ever made any 6x9cm folder with a rangefinder).
The Tourist I is probably what you are describing. It has a 'sports finder' with no lenses in the viewfinder. Indeed it is impossible to see the edges of the frame with glasses.
The Tourist II has a Galilean viewfinder and, although still difficult to see the entire viewing area with glasses, it is an improvement over the Tourist I.

These cameras are pretty inexpensive, maybe you could upgrade to the II. In fact that is why I have both. I upgraded to the Tourist II which also has an accessory shoe and mine came with the better Anaston f4.5 lens and a FLASH KODAMATIC SHUTTER (rather than the Anastigmat f6.3 lens & DIOMATIC shutter on my Tourist I).