When I say instant film, I mean films like TIP, Fujifilm instax series. I have been pondering this question for a while, can instant film shots be considered one (albeit one of a kind art)?

I mean I have seen helmut and even Daido's work that consist of instant film only. Which got me thinking since I primarily use instant film to either do a test shot or just to take a shot to keep in either my diary or travel journey. Although I also sometime use it at model photography session to show the model what the shot should look like after develop or at least as a gift (aside from the model fees I pay) of the event. So in short, I use it mainly for

  1. Scrap booking.
  2. Test shots
  3. Ice breaker.

But can it be used in the same league as regular photographer and produce works of art? Most of the time I see books about polaroid being used to take test shots and the book uses these photos to talk about the background of those masterworks.

I hope I am making sense here but it's just odd for me to see instant work being elevated to Art level. I'm not dissing the medium as I shoot instax mini and instax wide so i really do love the format.