I bought a MacBeth 924 almost 2 years ago, and used it for a month. Then I unplugged it for over a year before trying to use it again. It now reads 0.00 no matter what density is placed under the read head. A calibration patch of around 3.00 density, placed under the read head, very briefly flashes a density near the calibration density (e.g. 2.93 or something in range), and then reads 0.00. It behaves the same on all seven transmission channels.
Is anyone familiar with this problem? I need to know whether there is a quick or easy fix for this problem, or if I should start shopping for a new densitometer. Gretag MacBeth appear to be out of business, and the shipping costs to a repair shop (if I can find one) may be more than the instrument is worth.
I am about to start an E6 sinkline, and wouldn't think of doing this without monitoring the process with control strips, so I need a good Status A densitometer. I would appreciate any advice from other 924 users.