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First off, identifying the location of origin is NOT racist. Get off your PC high horse. He was comparing two products or manufacturing techniques/materials/quality standards by location and perceived manufacturing standards. One happens to have been made in Chicago, one in his opinion, made to inferior standards in China. Oh my gosh, like that would ever happen? Go down to Walmart and see for yourself. I heard nothing about race in that sentence.

rolls eyes once again.
Does the sand that you're burying you head in get in your eyes when you roll them?

The original reference to China is an irrelevance. It is a generalisation. It is both presumptuous and inflammatory. It vilifies the Chinese.

For you to tell Marc (and, vicariously, me) to get off our "PC high horse" shows you utter lack of understanding of, or disregard for, the human consequences for such antiquated, ignorant, Nationalistic and Xenophobic hyperbole.

My guess is that this will fall on deaf ears. The easy route is to keep peddling fear and loathing; the more difficult is trying to understand that we're all in this together.