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In short, do you ever feel like you're just making compositions, as opposed to photographs?
Giggled when I read this. To me in a sense you have described commercial photographic work, what you call composition, versus art, which you are calling photographs.

For me photography is a bit of both.

I do find that two things trigger my interest. Fresh/foreign (to me) subject matter, things of man, and people.

I do believe that for art experimentation is truly important, you gotta be willing the burn and print a bunch of film and paper knowing most shots won't be art that meets your standards and then ask yourself afterwords "what worked, what didn't, and how do I make it what I want. For me this process has helped define the destination, not just the process.

People and things of man are fun for me because they change, unlike the landscape around me. There is always fresh content and inspiration in the people around me. That is true of my family and friends, but it is also true of the people literally anywhere near me, there's lots of interesting characters in the world.