I am selling my beloved Mamiya 6 MF (Multi-format) set.

The set includes:

1/ Mamiya 6 MF body with strap - good condition

2/ Mamiya 75mm/f3.5 G lens (hood, rear and front caps included) - very good condition

3/ Mamiya 50mm/f4 G lens (hood, rear and front caps included; the hood is from a Mamiya 7 lens but fits and works perfectly) - almost mint condition

4/ panoramic adapter set in box - good condition

5/ 6x4.5 mask - good condition

6/ close-up lens for 75mm/3.5 G lens (in box which is slightly damage) - very good condition

7/ 8 batteries (will allow to use the camera for ages) (not included in the pictures)

8/ a Heliopan polarisation filter linear (58mm) (not included in the pictures) - almost mint condition

9/ manual (pdf print).

The set is in a very good working condition. It gives amazing pictures.

You can choose three formats of your pictures: 6x6 cm, 6x4,5 cm and panorama 24x58 mm.

Lenses have no scratches, haze or fungus. Both gives very sharp pictures.

There is one issue with the body: sometimes after loading a new film it is not possible to wind the lever. Solution: switch on/off the camera or pull out / retract the lens mount. After doing that the lever can be easily wind. I do not know why it happens. It has no negative impact on pictures of course.

Cosmetically, the lenses are in very good condition, the body has some minor marks and the lack of black paint from normal wear and tear with no influence for pictures.

I will post to Europe. The set is in Poznan, Poland.

The postage is EUR 25 (fully insured).

Payment: Paypay or wire transfer (if you chose the wire transfer I will cover the postage).

The price for the set is EUR 1600. I can consider reasonable offer as well.