Hi Guys,

Kindly indulge a Nikon 35 mm shooter. I have received a bag full of Leica R equipment to sell on behalf of an elderly friend of mine who is now retired both professionally and from photography, and is in ailing health. It contains a Leica R4 camera, Elmarit-R 35/2.8, Summarit-R 90/2 and Elmar-R 180/4 lenses. In addition, there is a teleconverter (2x) and set of extension tubes. He told me that he had a Leitz close-up lens as well, but could not find it when he passed the stuff over to me. Questions in bold below:

The R4 looks okay, but is a bit grimey. The DOF preview lever is very sticky - when pressed, it stays down, and has to be forced back to open position. I ran a 15-shot test roll through it on Aperture Priority, and it appears everything is fine, except on two frames where the shutter stayed open for like two seconds before closing again, obviously causing completely over-exposed frames, despite metering 1/60 or so. Is this a sign of electronic problems, a shutter problem, or something I'm doing wrong?

The lenses are all in really decent condition, optically. I am used to Nikons that have smoother or at least less damped manual focusing. These Leicas are really stiff. Is that normal, or should I get them looked at before selling? I think they have been dormant for at least eight years or so, and it might be that they need a good re-lubrication.

Any advice would be appreciated. Any one interested in this equipment can PM me as well. Once I am happy that the gear is fully functional, I'll be happy to list it in the Classifieds section.