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I have a number of roll with the same history that are in canisters only and a lot more in their boxes and cellophane bricks of 10, all frozen. Hopefully the bricks have had less chance for moisture penetration - assuming thats part of the cause. Given this result was a little intermittent between the rolls, I am going to run a number of canister-only rolls of HP5, Delta 400 and FP4 through the camera with the lens cap on then develop them as a bit of a test on the remaining stock.
When you say 'canister only' do you mean that the films are still in their factory plastic canister, or that it's just the bare metal cassette?

When I freeze film I make sure the plastic canisters are firmly closed, and then I put five of them each in a small ziploc bag, and then as many of those small ziploc bags that I can fit into a big one. Maybe I'm being overtly protective of my film, but it has worked for me for many years now.