I had a CE-4 and CE-4s that I bought new around the time they were released, I was switching from screw thread Pentax cameras and needed quicker bayonet mount cameras for shooting rock concerts. At the time the Pentax K mount range were much larger and the ME was too limiting in it's features. Another photographer I worked alongside had a CE-4 and suggested I try it.

So yes I agree they are great cameras, the Chinon f1.4 50mm standard lens is superb, a friend borrowed mine with some lenses to shoot the Le Man 24hr race for Lucas (in preferance to his Nikon) and they caused a stir in the press room (which had E6 processing). Unfortunately they were tolen a few years later and replcaed by an ME Super and MX.

I have another pair of Chinons now but I rarely use 35mm these days.