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On the PanF it sounds like from what your saying is that the demand is high enough that you wouldn't lose money on the film itself, but the sales would not make up for R&D in an exceptible time frame. If that's the case maybe this would be the perfect item to try out a crowd funding scheme on? Have the people who want it or just want to support you cover the R&D cost. You could offer "Keep calm and shoot Ilford" t-shirts or something as a backer reward.(Just spitballing here.)

If you do decide to go with something like this, how much would it cost to figure out how to coat PanF on an appropriate sheet base? And if you decide not to do something like this, could we know the reasoning behind it? Please understand I'm not asking for an explanation because I'm angry or feel some wierd entitlement to having PanF in sheets, I'm really just curious. I've always found buisness decisions of this sort interesting. So hey, If no new film, why not make it a learning opportunity!
Can Simon give us a bottom line? How many sheets SOLD would it take?


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