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What would really help me is getting inside another photographers head, someone who works within the same square mileage producing great work. I'd ask them how they remain, without being nagged constantly by that thought of "what if?"
I obviously can't know whether or not my work is "great", but I've been working within a few square miles (often less) for years and it isn't getting old. Tice's work inspired me to stop trying to ignore what was around me, the things that I wanted to photograph, and to focus on a place I know well. I suppose it's what I wanted to do all along, but was too stuck trying to make great photographs. Now I make pictures that are honest and unique to me in both content and style. That happened naturally once I resolved to go with my instincts and trust my own seeing. It is not work that will ever have a wide appeal, but I honestly don't care about that anymore.