FOBA Low Profile - three way pan/tilt head in good working condition - but "kind da ruff looking"

One of the handles has been replaced with a functioning handle - bent angle iron. I got this to use with an 8x10 on a studio stand instead of a Majestic head I had. While it seems to be fine for smaller cameras but my 8x10 (which weighs about 20 pounds) seemed to overload it - there was some vibration whenever I touched the camera. So, I had to wait for it to settle down before tripping the shutter. It would be fine for 4x5 or 5x7 and great on a tripod where the low profile would be a plus.

Bottom plate is 3" in diameter with a 3/8" threaded hole, camera plate is also 3" with a 3/8" screw - Overall height is about 3.5" and it weighs about 2 pounds 10 ounces.

Asking $100 which includes USA shipping (Or make me an offer) - international shipping at cost. Paypal is OK.