I often think the best thing for older cameras would be XP2. It's practically impossible to overexpose C41 film. Under any light where the fixed settings would produce proper exposure with anything from EI 800 down to at least 50 and probably 25 it would produce a good print from the negative.

As long as we're putting in requests, I'd love to have XP2 Super in 4x5. I don't think we'll get it because of the difficulty these days in getting C41 sheet film commercially processed, which is bound to severely limit the demand and potential sales. But if I could get it, I'd use it, stock C41 chems for my Jobo and shoot it in 35mm, 120 and 4x5. But since I can't get it in 4x5 I don't usually bother with it in any other format either. It's a wonderful film, both for conventional printing and for things verbotten to discuss hereabouts.