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There was discussion recently in another thread (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum238/...lur-grain.html) where I think the conclusion (or one of the conclusions) was that good art is art that communicates the artist's message well. Good art doesn't need a particular medium or a particular set of rules, it just needs a good artist working skillfully in a medium.

That's a different conversation than what is fine art, which is I think what this thread is really about. A really good work on a Polaroid and a big masterly piece of oil painting - they are both art, and they are both done well and skillfully, but how do we get any further?
Thanks for the link, had I known this thread has existed, I wouldn't have to open this one. Though it does detract a little considering this is more of a question of, will instant film ever reach fine art level? Once the shot is taken, it can never ever be truly reproduced and will it stand the test of review by people to be considered fine art?