Hi All,

I'm enjoying the site and like Claudia, Italian photogapher in London, appologise for asking for advice without an introduction. How can I now claim to be an English Gentleman!?

53. I'm 53. The calendar tells me this but inside I'm still 24. 24 when my creative life was my life, earning money was necessary but secondary and life was ahead.

Now I'm a happy middle-aged guy with a life to look back on but also to look forwards to: a dual target for my photography.

Target 1. Get enlarged the pictures of my life. Ambitions from my youth that I acheived. Does that sound pushy? We don't like pushy in England but yeah, I got to travel across the USA. Married and brought up kids. Even stuff like owning houses and businesses are things I dreamt of and yet (amazingly) I have managed to do! Saw Lear in Stratford, Hamlet in Sheffield and the Northern Broadsides Company doing The Tempest in Leeds with my best-girl and one of my oldest friends, (on a day when the Sikh community processed though the City centre) Did I have a camera? You guessed.

Target 2. Re-boot my photography. I've found a lab that will process colour and rediscovered b&w self-processing of negatives. Perhaps best of all I've found an ex-University lecturer who's set up "The Darkroom" just 7 miles from my home!

I now carry a camera EVERY day, using the Voightlander outfit that has sat faithfully in the cupboard, a Minox 35 (oh, sorry, 2 Minoxes, first was faulty; the second I'm taking no bets on...) and now a Rollei 35S.

I hope my little introduction is sufficient to interest the community in my progress. I will need your help...