Looking on the web, everybody is in love with these straps.. so I must be doing something wrong...
There is only two ways it will go on.. up off the camera, or going in the same direction of the camera. It will not swivel.
Taking off the view finder I can put it on, in the up direction, but it hangs very awkward. Off balance, rear end heavy. (Have 90mm lens) ect ect.. Uncomfortable. On the shoulder, the lens is facing at an angle up ect.

Trying the other way, there is no way it seems that I can get the black insert to 'slide' in, and lock it, with the strap put on in same direction of the camera. But with this set up it 'rides' better, but the connectors are not locked in.

Frustrated.. give me a clue... thanks..
(yes I have the B clips)