Agitation with Pyrocat is far less and has less dramatic effects than solvent developers. Typically, as a starting point with any film, I try 12 min, 72 f, with 30 second agitation out the gate, then 4 total agitations spread out over the period of the development accordingly. This is for 1:1:100. This means for 12 minutes, I do 30 sec agitation, then let stand till about 3:30, do 15 sec agitation, then wait till 7:00, then at 10 or something along those lines. Not nearly as critical.

Some films don't take as kindly, such as Foma films, so I bump it up to 2:2:100 at 10-12 minutes succesfuly, while Acros and Neopan from Fuji take the times listed above. I remember that when I played briefly with Pan F, that it was a longer development, but still 1:1:100. 14 minutes maybe? Shot at 50.

Here's an example from a handheld 6x9 taken in overcast. The actual print is way better, but you get the idea.