For those of you that live in Canada you can get Arista and Tetenal chemicals from Beau Photo in Vancouver ( This was from an email with them in Dec 2012:

Tetenal E6 1L $69.70
Tetenal E6 5L $113.96
Tetenal C-41 1L $46.51
Tetenal C-41 5L $78.13
Arista E6 1 QT $44.29
Arista C-41 QT $53.78

All prices in CAD.

They started offering these kits as of October 2012. That's great news for Canada considering the options prior to this were pretty non-existent here. I still buy my Tetenal E6 5L kits from Germany at It's still cheaper even with shipping. However I will buy my Tetenal C41 5L kits from Beau Photo from now on since those are cheaper than Germany.