thank you for your input - very helpful.

I will try to reach out to Ralph but you answered all questions already.

Flash - 1/1000s is at 1/2 power. I will most likely use it at full power and flash duration should go down to ~1/300s. I agree, I would like to avoid any adjustments caused by reciprocity failure. I do not want to add another variable

light source - thank you for the info. This is what bothered me. I knew that it could not be that simple that just match the color temperature and all will be set. I hope that if some sensitometers use flash than it may not be that far off. Using tungsten - what would you use flash or tungsten ? Small problem is I do not have any tungsten lights (except standard household bulbs), Regarding filtration for tungsten I assume that would be 80B filter on the lens?

Film testing in general - when you say "know by comparison what speed I am getting" - do you mean you measure densities of that other film/dev combination and compare it with your "standard"? That expired film - that can be any film or is the same kind of film (only expired) you established your "standard" for? Sorry for probably na´ve questions. I was following your threads like Hitting ASA Triangle Does Not Mean You Got Full Film Speed, unfortunately I'm not there yet to understand/ appreciate all nuances. A lot of home work to do...

"The other great value of film testing is knowing when you are starting to get "out of control". " - this is what I would like to accomplish as well

thank you