My turn, as usual, and with no angry agenda, isn't freedom of speech great?

At a minimum: FP4+ in 11x14, not just in the annual run but in a retail store or two. I'll be dead by the time Freestyle decides to bring in a new 25 ISO in 11x14. That's their business though, mine is desire.

Next: Pan F in 5x7, 8x10, 11x14. Available in a retail store or special order.

I realize that ALL of these are impossible but why 11x14 in FP4+ isn't available in a retail store here in the states is beyond me. Also, people can be short dated. Older folks see a year differently than younger folks. I can imagine a board room full of suits saying old people dont need big film, those formats are too heavy. I can also imagine a time in the near future where an annual run is 2X the cost and 1/2 the quantity.

Your mileage may, (will), vary! Each person has their own point of view, needs, wants, desires, and aspirations.

What ever your fortune, good luck.