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Hmmm... so your walking along, holding the camera by the monopod?
You must be grasping it right near the camera... you do this for landscape shots, where there is foliage ect... with such a 'brick'.. I dunna know...
Are you carrying it upside down??
I've used a monopods on other camera's, including my speed graphic, but once the shot, or shots, were taken, disconnected before discovering 'next' location.
Yep just leave it right on the monopod. Yep foliage, and scrambles up rocks and cliffs, at the beach...

Sometimes the camera sits on my shoulder, sometimes hold it close to the camera, sometimes upside down, sometimes as a walking stick; whatever is easiest and comfy at the moment.

I do the same with my Toyo 45A on a tripod.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't try to abuse my cameras and I make darn sure the quick release is properly locked so they won't fall off the pod, I run the focus back to protect the bellows when needed too, but they are just tools.

The RB was built to be used hard and used a lot. Sure, there are a lot of cameras that are toys or collectors items that may need coddling, the RB is not normally one of them.