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Can't spontaneity be artistic?

I like to perform sleight of hand magic with coins and things. If I met you on the street and saw you with a handful of coins, whereupon I made several of them disappear in my bare hands, with my sleeves rolled up to the elbows, then made them materialize again in your coat pocket, would that be artistic?

What's the difference between impromptu magic and an impromptu photo?

Some of my best photographs have been "grab shots."
Yes. Your magic can be an art, in the sense of a theatrical performance, which entertains and pleases the "audience" or viewer, even if this is just the one person. It's a craft, as well, in the sense that you have perfected the techniques of the magical illusion. Any good actor, dancer or musician is an artist and a craftsperson.

Same with the improptu photo.... you've identified a subject or event which might produce an artistically pleasing picture, and know enough of the craft of photography to quickly capture a record to a satisfactory technical standard.