First thing I do is contact print a step wedge to find out as Bill states. Where I am and Where I am going.
Then I make a lot of film , make a lot of prints and see with my eyes where my failings are and where the processes are difficult or need modification.
I then go back to the drawing board so to speak, and show my results to mentors and get advice and advanced training.
Then I go back to the darkroom and try to improve on what I have done.
This is something I am going through right now and its been a 3 year journey so far with no excellent prints to show for it, but I am close and I feel within another two years of making prints, I will
feel as comfortable with three new processes as I do with silver or RA4 or inkjet printing.
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I would do a Stouffer 21 step grayscale on every experiment. That way when results come out weird I know where I am. Others may enjoy doing it by feel. But I like looking at a strip that shows "where I am" and "where I want to be", and I can count the f/stops it takes to get there.