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Rollei never really made an "unpro" camera model. For durability and longevity I think the Rolleiflexes are on top, however with less moving parts, bells and whistles the Rolleicord seems for me the most stable and robust camera. They were considered as consumer models but when compared to the Flexes almost identical.

However, I heard after the 1970's Rollei started to build in plastic parts into their cameras. So maybe the pre 1970 models, during the hey days of TLR's are considered the best cameras.
I am afraid this is miss information. Rollei made the Rolleicord for amateur use as well as the baby Rollei which they called the Ladies Rollei. The introduction of the T was specifically to compete with the amateur camera market as was the Magic.

The plastic parts were an experiment in the T for awhile. Rollei never started building plastic parts into their cameras and they don't to this day. The few tiny bits of plastic you find are exterior and not subject to wear.