About a year ago i posted a thread about choosing materials to have a go at developing my own B&W. Here's the thread http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/1...eveloping.html if interested in reading it. I'm starting out with Legacy Pro L-76 since it so close to the Kodak D-76. Should i use it full strength or 1:1? I'm assuming that using it 1:1 means: the powder is mixed as per the package in a 1 gallon container (I bought the package of L-76 that is supposed to make 1 gallon) and then is mixed again with water to make the 1:1 ratio of developer to water.

Next question......reusing developer. How many times can i reuse it? I understand it can be replenished but how often? If i use it full strength, should i dump what is used in my developing tank back in with the remainder of the unused gallon i mixed or should it be stored seperately? (I realize if i dilute it 1:1 it should not be dumped back in with the unused portion.)
Thanks folks.