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Looks very bad for Provia 400X. Very very bad.
Think positive, maybe they like the box design of Provia 400X and decided not to change it as it's already a departure from the current box designs. I use Provia 400X, 100F and Velvia 50 in all assorted sizes regularly.

I'm surprised to hear that Fuji Velvia 50 4x5 and 8x10 is still out there to be taken advantage of despite the discontinuation announcement last summer which had everyone freaked out. BTW, I just bought 3 boxes of Velvia 50 8x10 from Adorama Camera for $219.99 a box. Exp is April 2014. I know it's the old box design but looks like they still have more for anyone else interested.

I will continue to hunt down and use all these great films regardless of where they need to be purchased from. It may get pricier but at least my photography will improve by being more selective. It's just like when I shoot LF vs smaller formats. I walk away with more prized keepers at the end of the day with LF.

I can't see a world without film, can you? That's why I will bicker less about cost and just buy what I can, when I can, to keep Fuji and even Kodak (I use some colour neg) doing what they've done best all these years.