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The Rollei Digibase kit still seems to be available here in Europe, can't find any information saying it has been discontinued. As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) it's made in Germany and distributed by Macodirect, who still list it as available on their site.
I meant to follow up earlier this week. I got a cordial and detailed response from the manufacturer (Compard). The kits have indeed NOT been discontinued -- in fact, I was told they recently expanded their product line to include ready-to-use softpacks (though I think this is old news). Anyway, it's too bad that Freestyle has been misinforming people. I know there were quality issues with the packaging, and if that's why they stopped carrying them, at least say so. It's a perfectly valid reason.

The Compard rep mentioned these retailers that have international shipping: Firstcall (UK), Maco and General Photo (both Germany). I don't know if that's cost effective for the small kits (I only shoot two or three rolls of color negative film in a month) -- and besides, I'd like to progress to a one-shot developer.