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Bill, you're being taken in! Giorgianni has been turned end-over-end. ..
So yes, color has less leeway for interpretation.
Fortunately I cemented my idea on the original Giorgianni chart, and the assertion it supports that the print should be darker.

I still have faith in the old chart that I've seen over the years.

I'm inclined to believe more deeply that the main difference is what color needs versus what black and white needs.

I can accept that Giorgianni says "make the upper-mid-to-highlights accurate". From there, you run parallel to the preferred curve, however you "had" to go darker to maintain linearity.

While I still believe black and white needs lighter "upper-mid-to-highlights". And then from there you "have" to continue roughly linear toward the shadows.

I was intrigued by reading a book about Polaroid, Instant by Christopher Bonanos, which described Land's Retinex experiments. I think "Color Constancy" has a lot to do with this.