Paul: no worries, both points are valid. I just prefer the larger/cheaper kodak chems. Any DIY C41 is a good thing, no matter where it comes from! I am just glad it's still being made and available.

bvy: risk of RA or LORR or SM in home development: not sure if there is any real risk. I think those versions are more expensive however. They were designed and developed for specific use-case scenarios, in at least one case to reduce water usage. Z-131 should cover the differences if need be.

drumlin: glad to help. The stuff I have gotten from Adorama has been pretty competitive, price-wise, and they didn't charge hazmat shipping. Pakor has changed all their prices to "call" on the website, so not sure but they were among the cheapest when I was last ordering stuff. However they charge hazmat shipping on a lot of it so that jacks the price up. B&H sells some of it but wont' ship most of it. Unique and Minilabsupply are a couple other sources, no experience with them offhand yet. There's other sources too I believe (posted elsewhere in the thread?)